Modern Games vs Traditional Games

The era of globalization brings a lot of influence on the lifestyle changes of today’s society. The most influential impact is on science and technology. Advances in science and technology is what produces a wide variety of equipment to help people in their work, and not only that these developments also help people in time bersantainya with various creating a variety of entertainment, where the play is one of the choices.
With the development of technology which covers many aspects, makanjejis-type game was getting influence. So that it comes the term modern game.
The modern game is a game that utilizes technology in it like a play station or online gaming. And now the game is much-loved by children. With the advent of the modern game is the existence of traditional games become less and less attractive.
The modern game is also in addition to utilizing the technology inside is also the hallmark of the modern game’s lack of motion patterns, compared with traditional games that much physical activity is good for the health of children.
Changing patterns of children who play on traditional games to the modern game is changing, childrenĀ  like modern games are more likely to experience a lack of communication and individualistic whereas tradisioanal games teach children to cooperate, honesty, teamwork, tenacity, and physical exercise.

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